Lake 2 Country Pty Ltd are your licensed and fully insured Western Lake Macquarie Handyman.

The small projects that we are happy to perform and have done in the past include; stair replacements, disabled ramps, deck building or re-building, bathroom renovations, kitchens, just to name a few.

I’m always fascinated with some of the tasks or jobs we are asked to perform in homes around the Warners Bay, Toronto NSW and Morisset districts.
Quite often this is followed with comments like, “We’ve had it done once but it fell down” or “Doesn’t seem safe” or “Isn’t what we asked for”.
Invariably these jobs have been done by a “Handyman”, meaning an unqualified and unlicensed; carpenter, builder, plumber, wet-sealer, tiller, roofer.

Lake 2 Country Pty Ltd perform work of all sizes as we have seen a desperate need for licensed builders who work in the realm of repairs and maintenance.

Around Wyee, Morisset, Balcolyn, Bonnells Bay, Wangi Wangi, Buttaba, Arcadia Vale, Balmoral, Killaben, and Warners Bay at Lake Macquarie NSW there are currently aproximately fifty of these people opperating.
These expensive workers are unqualified, have no license and no real training, they are usually self taught and guessing the correct way to do a job.
When you call them to ask about a job requiring a license they cheerfully say, “Oh, I don’t need a license because I opperate under the HANDYMAN banner.
They suggest that this means, all they need is some kind of insurance.
If the job needs a “NSW Fair Trade Small Works Contract” they just split the invoice to be under the required dollar value.

This claim that insurance is all they need is ridiculous, if you’re drunk driving and have a crash does the insurance pay out? No way!
If you’re performing unlicenced and illegal building work when a license is required will your Handyman’s insurance pay out? No way!
In fact, your Home & Contents Insurance probably won’t pay out either if you have knowingly allowed illegal building work to be performed on your property.

Non compliant building work quite often includes illegal modifications, rearranging rooms, removing walls, extensions etc usually need some form of Council application and aproval.
If the person doing the work isn’t qualified they are likely to remove bracing elements, make a roof unsafe, not install litels as required which will make your home unsafe for your family.
If it’s a rental you could risk everything you own through potential litigation.

The fact is when licensed construction businesses set up, they have not only spent years doing aprenticeships and or tafe gaining real qualifications, they have also arranged propper insurances.
Any licensed builder will invariably have paid thousands of dollars in many cases for their personal and company annual licensing which can be easily found on the NSW Dep’t Fair Trade website.

When you need any substantial works done around your home or rental property, consider if it requires a trade qualified and licensed person, for your own protection and security.

Anyway, a tradesman should do the work better, legally, cleaner and faster which quite often equates to cheaper for you both now and in the long term.

Check out the slideshow below to see examples of jobs which require trade qualifications to be legal or done correctly.


Examples of jobs which require a Licensed Contractor

Veranda Roof rebuilt

Water pipe burst? Insurance may pay.

Burst water pipe repaired & paid for.

Installing a floating floor.

Floating Floor finish installed.

Disabled Ramps

Disabled Ramps

Disabled Ramp

Load Bearing Wall Removed

New load bearing beam in place

Need another front door

New front door.