The men who make things happen!

We have trade qualifications, credentials, licenses & extensive experience with; Project Management, Carpentry, Residential-Commercial & Civil Construction, Ship & Boat Building, Yacht-rigging,  Architectural Design, Offshore Yachtmaster Instructor,  Sea Safety Survival, Sail Repair & Alteration, Marine Instrumentation, Transport Logistics. 

COLBAIN BOUGHTON. Lake 2 Country Building & Design is owned and operated by Colbain Boughton after taking over the operation from his dad when Steve decided on retirement. Colbain was home educated by his dad, “Mostly on construction sites while his dad & older brother Leon Boughton worked”.

Colbain not only has extensive experience of twelve years in the construction industry, but he also underwent a school based carpentry apprenticeship, finished his Grade 12 then went on to do a Diploma in Construction (NSW TAFE Student of the Year 2021 & Indigenous Student of the Year 2021. Colbain now holds both Queensland & NSW Builders Licenses plus the Lake2Country Pty Ltd Company License.

Colbain’s extensive experiences include; new residential builds in Southern Qld and NSW mostly on highly reactive soils. Colbain has experience in major renovations, earthworks, design & build contracts, large decks and landscaping projects, commercial and community infrastructure rebuilds & shop/office refits. Colbain is a competent yacht crew, he is enthusiastic about yacht racing and yacht deliveries loving the life at sea.

Colbain is also an aggressive dog handler, amateur herpetologist a heavy machinery operator and an awesome cook.

STEVE “FLIPPER” BOUGHTON is a tradesman carpenter, trade recognized shipwright, industrial rigger, yacht rigger, holds builders licenses in both NSW & Qld and is also a qualified/licensed architectural building designer.

Flipper is also an offshore yachtmaster with around 90,000 NM of ocean passages during his 53 years of yachting. Steve(“Flipper” being his nickname for most of his life) he taught yachting & seamanship at Qld TAFE along with operating a marine service centre & mast building operation in Nth Qld for many years along with delivering yachts throughout the SW Pacific.